Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

I cannot access or sign in to the Owner Access Portal / Buildium

If you are a new homeowner, we have to set up your account before you can log into the portal. Please fill out the new homeowner form to get started. If you are an existing resident and having issues, please reach out to your HOA manager: 208-269-5446 or email: [email protected].

Can I make changes to the exterior of my house?

You can, but you must apply through the HOA and be approved before you begin work on the changes. You can find the applications for these changes under the “Architectural Documents” section of your HOA communities page.

Can I park my RV, boat, camper, trailer, etc at my house?

The CC&R’s for the Association do prohibit parking/storage of RVs, boats, campers, trailers, etc in most locations within the Association.  For more information, please refer to your Association’s CC&R’s.

Can I put my political signage in my yard?

According to the CC&R’s for the community, no signage, except for “For Sale” signs, are allowed in the community. However; the Idaho House of Representatives recently passed Bill 503, which effectively restricts HOA’s from prohibiting the display of political speech on a homeowner’s private property. While the Association can no longer enforce these violations due to this Bill, we do ask that you be considerate of your neighbors when choosing to display your signage. 

How do I submit a common area maintenance request or work order?

Simply fill out the form on our site and we will process your request!

If I have a neighbor violating the HOA rules and I want to report them, how do I do that?

You can report a HOA violation by using our online form found here.

How do I pay my dues?

Please follow this link to read out full article on all the options for paying your dues. If you are having trouble signing into the online portal, please reach out to your HOA manager; HOA manager: 208-269-5446 or email: [email protected].

Are dues optional? What happens if I do not pay them?

No, HOA fees are not optional. Every homeowner must pay them. Your monthly payments are due within 15 days of the billing date. A late fee of 1.5% per month applies for past due methods.

The HOA is a legal entity with the power to take legal actions such as reporting non-payers to collection agencies or filing small claims in extreme cases.

When are fees due?

Assessments are due on the 1st of the month for the month that they are billed.

Your monthly assessments are due within 15 days of the billing date. A late fee of 1.5% per month applies for past due assessments.

HOA manager: 208-269-5446 or email: [email protected].

Why do we have a HOA?

The HOA exists to help maintain the community aesthetics, upkeep common areas, and provide a governing body to help maintain harmony between neighbors. Your dues specifically go towards:

  • Landscape and Grounds Maintenance for common areas, specifically:
    • Spraying of Weeds
    • Fertilizing
    • Sprinkler Repairs
    • Irrigation Control
    • General maintenance
    • Irrigation clock maintenance
  • Entry and street lighting maintenance
  • Tree care
  • Common Area Property and Liability Insurance
  • General association management:
    • Postage and printing
    • Accounting/management costs (including CPA)
    • Common area property taxes
    • Fund reserves for upcoming maintenance
What are CC&R’s?

These are the legal regulations your HOA must abide by:

What are Bylaws?

The Bylaws explain how the HOA works. You can read them here:

Who Manages the HOA and how do I contact them?

Brandon Collins is your HOA Manager.  You can reach him at:

Are there transfer fees?

Yes. You can see the current fee notice and rates here. Contact Brandon Collins [email protected] or 208-269-5446 with additional questions.