2023 Community Yard Sale – June 9th & 10th

FAQ #1 – Am I required to participate in the Yard Sale?

No, participation in the yard sale is entirely voluntary. 

FAQ #2 – When and where is the yard sale supposed to happen?

The annual community yard sales is on June 9th, 8:00AM – 4:00PM, and June 10th, 8:00AM – 12:00PM.

Homeowner’s who would like to participate in the community yard sale are encouraged to do so by selling their items at their own house.  Several homeowners last year had asked if they should bring their items to sell at the Foxtail park, and while we appreciate the community wanting to come together, we’d prefer you to set up in your own garage/driveway.

FAQ #3 – If I don’t live in Foxtail, am I invited to go to the party at the park?

Yes, any and all members of Architerra communities are invited to participate in the party at the park.  The party at the park will start on June 10th at noon and will go until 2:00PM.

FAQ #4 – Last year there was an adoption drive, will that happen again this year?

We have invited Companions Animal Center (formerly Kootenai Humane Society) to hold an adoption drive during the party in the park.  They have expressed that they will have some animals there available for adoption dependent upon availability.

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