Welcome to Marshall Meadows!

Below you will find relevant documents and information about home ownership in our community, your HOA, dues, and community announcements and events.

Getting Started

Are you a new homeowner? Here are the critical pieces of information you need to know.

Homeowner Portal

We use an online portal, Appfolio, to manage the HOA. As a homeowner, you can use Appfolio to set up recurring payments and/or pay dues online.

To access the portal, we have to setup an account for you. Start by filling out the new homeowner registration below if you have not done so. If you have an account, click the access button below.

What HOA Fees Are Used For

The HOA exists to help maintain the community aesthetics, upkeep common areas, and provide a governing body to help keep harmony between neighbors. Your dues specifically go towards:

  • Landscape and Grounds Maintenance for common areas, specifically:
    • Spraying of Weeds
    • Fertilizing
    • Sprinkler Repairs
    • Irrigation Control
    • General maintenance
    • Irrigation clock maintenance
  • Entry and Street Lighting maintenance
  • Tree care
  • Common Area Property and Liability Insurance
  • General association management:
    • Postage and Printing
    • Accounting/Management Costs (including CPA)
    • Common area property taxes
    • Fund reserves for upcoming maintenance
What is the current fee rate?

For Marshall Meadows, the current HOA assessments are $/month.

Assessments are due within 15 days of the billing date. A late fee of 1.5% per month applies for past due payments.

Community Rules: What You Can & Can’t Do

All community rules are covered in the CC&R’s. A few highlights:

  • You cannot park RV’s, boats, trailers or other large vehicles at your house.
  • All exterior changes to your home require approval from the Board of Directors (BOD) prior to the start of work.
  • There is also an application to add small sheds to yards.

You can get forms below in the Architectural Documents section at any time, fill them out, and send them to [email protected] to get started.

Contacting Your HOA Manager

Brandon Collins is your HOA Manager.  You can reach him at:

Community Documents

Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation

This document formed the HOA and outlines what it is.

Download File

Rules & Regulations

These are the basic rules for your community.

Download File


This is a document that sets up how the HOA works

Download File


These are the legal regulations your HOA must abide by

Download File

Architectural Documents – Exterior Changes & Shed Requests

Below are applications you can use to request exterior changes to your home or the additional of outbuildings/sheds to your property. Please use these to submit requests to make these changes. DO NOT START CONSTRUCTION until you have heard back from the HOA.

General Exterior Improvements Application

Download File

Shed / Detached Building Application

Download File

Meeting Minutes

Who said what and how things were decided:

’23 Q4 Board of Director’s Meeting – Open Session Minutes

Download File

’23 Q3 Board of Director’s Meeting – Open Session Minutes

Download File

2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

Download File

2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

Download File

2021 Q4 Board of Directors Meeting – Open Session Minutes

Download File

Financial Statements

Financial Report – Latest

Download File

Financial Report – FYE 2023

Download File

Financial Report – FYE 2022

Download File

Financial Report – FYE 2021

Download File

Financial Report – FYE 2020

Download File

Financial Report – FYE 2019

Download File


2024 Approved Budget

Download File

2023 Approved Budget

Download File

2022 Approved Budget

Download File

2021 Approved Budget

Download File

2020 Approved Budget

Download File

Committee Charters

Resident Advisory Committee Charter

Download File

Board Resolutions

Bank Account Resolution 4/14/2023

Download File